General Motors Company, commonly known as GM, is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Detroit, Michigan that designs, manufactures, markets and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts and sells financial services. General Motors produces vehicles in 37 countries under ten brands. GM also develops and distributes oils and lubricants, specifically designed to be used in GM vehicle servicing

Products by category:

  • Lengvųjų automobilių alyvos
5W-30 dexos2 5W-301, 2, 5, 60, 205 L
5W-40 Supreme Plus1, 205 L
10W-40 10W-40 1, 2, 5, 60, 205 L
15W-40 15W-40 1, 5 L
Getriebeöl GM 1, 60 L
Differentialöl GM Pentosin MTA 01
Differentialöl GM SAF-PD 1 L
Hinterachsdifferential Öl GM1 L
Zusatzstoff GM Lubrizol 6178
Achsöl GM 75W90R Texaco Multigear 1 L
Achsöl GM75W1401 L
Achsöl GM BP Energear Limslip 901 L
Achsöl GM Shell Spirax Super 90 TS1 L
Bremsflüssigkeit GM DOT 31 L
Bremsflüssigkeit GM DOT 4 1, 5, 60 L
Fett GM
Silikonfett GM
Frostschutz GM Rot, Long Life1, 5, 60, 205 L
Kühlmittel fertig GM2, 5, 205 L
Hydrauliköl GM 1 L
Klima Schmiermittel GM1 L
Lenkgetriebeöl GM Texaco PSF 118721 L
Lenkgetriebeöl GM Pentosin CHF 2021 L
Scheibenklar GM Konzentriert, mit Frostschutz 1, 5 L
OptiClean "Lemon Breeze" 1:10
OptiClean Sommer 1:100
Scheibenenteiser Opel/GM
Dichtungsmasse GM
Klebe-Dichtmasse GM
Dichtungsmasse GM
Scheibendichtmasse GM
Karosseriedichtmasse GM
Nahtabdichtung GM
Versiegelungsmasse GM
Spritzbare Nahtabdichtung GM
Dichtungsmasse GM
Unterbodenschutzwachs GM1 L
Unterbodenschutz GM1 L
Steinschlagschutz-Spray GM
Unterbodenschutz-Spray GM
Hohlraumsprühwachs GM1 L