Runli Trading, with its main office in Hangzhou, China, operates as an integral subsidiary of the UAB DRW group, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania. In collaboration with UAB DRW and, we establish a robust link between European and Chinese commercial sectors. Our collective effort ensures a streamlined and proficient approach to international trade.

Runli Trading is an internationally trading company which powers ShopInChina platform as the supplier of goods and helps its parent company to distribute world-class lubricants from Europe to Asian markets.

With a solid experience of professionals in this business Runli Trading has been successfully associated with major lubricant companies and served numerous businesses across the world. Ensured flawless performance and commitment to achieve the assigned tasks in well-organized manner has earned appreciation in the market for the company.

Our Values

Runli Trading recognizes the importance of addressing high efficiency, flexibility and dependability, as well as the client centric approach at the very competent prices in today’s global and diversified marketplace.

Runli Trading has many excellent practices and procedures that have helped to protect the quality of well established brands and process in accordance with the international business standards.

Runli Trading is committed to meet each client’s demand in a very responsible and qualified manner. Such approach provides Runli Trading customer with operational excellence, high standards of service and financial discipline.

Runli Trading strategic goal is to provide the highest quality products, coupled with the best supply service thereby increasing customer’s satisfaction and improving company’s profile of reliability.


We focus on the standards of shelf-life, superior quality, fast and trustworthy delivery of goods.

Runli Trading consults and accommodates customer’s order with all transporting options available: trucks, ships or planes.

Runli Trading ensures optimal efficiency in every aspect, from prompt order processing and repackaging to storage and logistics, giving the company the flexibility to handle diverse requests.


Our business relationships and delivery solutions make us able to serve customers right to their doorstep around the globe.